Ghosh, this is for Halina (hope I’m spelling the name correctly, if not please forgive me!)

Halina, A heartfelt thank you for the amazing work you did in making my house look its best. You are so good at what you do that for a moment I kind of second guessed myself whether I should be parting from such a beautiful place.
The place looked perfect as there was this nice flow throughout the house thanks to the way you re-arranging furniture, the way you put decorations up and the colors you chose. Also the elegant touch you gave to the house made it look classy and not only attracted buyers but also added value to it. And most importantly you decorated my house according to my family’s needs; I could live in it with my little girls without fearing that things will be broken or damaged and it was easy to manage. So the end result?… we all got to enjoy living in a very nicely decorated house while selling it and getting top $ for it thanks to your input in decorating it so well. Couldn’t ask for anything better 🙂 Indeed, a job well done!
With thanks,