Sellers Beware

For Sale by Owners BEWARE
  • The moment you put the For Sale by Owner Sign up, you are going to be bombarded by phone calls and door knocks nonstop from hundreds ofrealtors. This can be very frustrating but it will happen. Some things they will say are: ‘I have buyers for your property waiting“. if he/she did have buyers they would have brought them already and not ask for your listing, but try and arrange a deal with you.’
  • If agents are promising you that they are going to put your listing on MLS.CA it is impossible and a lie as it is against the MLS rules. Properties listed on MLS can be there only when you as the seller have agreed to a listing agreement.
  • Be careful of whom you let in to your home; make sure there is two of you at all times and have a cell phone handy. Recently, there have been robberies in Brampton during home showings and open houses.
  • Real Estate can be a very simple or complex transaction. I use lots of clauses to protect you the seller so that there are no legal repercussion.
  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please feel free to give me a call @ 647-404-9471.
    I will help you with my expertise.
  • Even though I might not be working directly for you I can help you with contracts, negotiations and advise you on services that will help sell your home for example: home inspection, home warranty, free home staging as well as negotiation skills.


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