Tips and tricks to prepare for home staging

  • Minimise
    • Less is more. Remove enough so there is some space in closets, shelves, and cabinets.
    • Remember “One will do”. When accessorizing surfaces, for staging purposes, one item is better than two or more. One vase on a fireplace mantle is enough.


    • Remove or hide all small kitchen appliances.
    • Remove unneeded furniture to make rooms look larger.
    • Remove dated or worn furnishings and accessories. Replace, if needed at all.
    • Rent a storage space. 


    • Remove all refrigerator art, family photos, school schedules, magnets, calendars, etc.
    • Remove personal toiletries from the bathroom and enclosed showers: shampoo, toothpaste, hairbrushes, used towels, etc. Put out fresh soap.
    • Have a minimum number of towels on bathroom racks. 

    Enhance visual appeal

    • Use mirrors. A mirror at the end of a hallway makes the home look larger and less cramped. A mirror opposite the vanity makes small bathrooms look larger.
    • Enhance the fireplace/firebox with candles or decorative logs.
    • Remove some furniture and accessories to open up rooms. 
    • Inside, use fresh flowers in vases. Decorate the outside with planters and potted plants.
    • Furnish covered porches, patio, or desk with small outdoor tables and chairs to turn them into usable living spaces.


    • (We hate doing this too, but it has to be done.)
    • Deep-clean entire house, oven, fireplace, garage, laundry sinks, etc.
    • Wash the windows, inside and out. Remove unnecessary screening.
    • Air the home by opening windows and doors


    • Replace worn, stained carpeting, and cracked floor tiles. Make sure there are no odours in the remaining carpets, drapery, or upholstery.
    • No drips! Repair all plumbing, faucets, running toilets.
    • Clean or repair/replace worn caulking around tubs, sinks, counter-tops.
    • Paint the interior of the house and the front door.
    • Repair, paint, or wash all exterior walls, doors, and trim.
    • Power-wash exterior concrete and other hardscapes.