Why Buy Now

Why You Should Consider Buying Now?


  1. Phenomenal Savings – your dream property is waiting for you. It’s realistic to get “more home” at a total lower payment.
  2. Dream Neighbourhoods – the perfect location that has everything you want is quite likely to be listed now; the choices are greater than ever.
  3. Flexible Sellers – many sellers are willing to do minor renovations and entertain ways to help you lock in your offer. Hire a great negotiator (Ghosh) to pull it all together.
  4. Investment Properties – stock markets are volatile and are losing value.Today’s properties can offer great value buys and more reliable security for future returns.
  5. Lower Monthly Mortgage Payments – with the shift in property values it’s possible to find a home that has everything you want at simply less cost per month.
  6. Leasing Is The New Hot Opportunity – more people are looking for lease properties. A great way to build personal equity is on property that pays for itself.