For Sale By Owner Statistics

Did you know…


. . . the typical FSBO home sold for $187,200 compared to $247,000 for agent-assisted home sales?

Methods FSBOs Use to Market A Home:

Yard Sign . . . 51%
Friends/neighbors . . . 53%
Newspaper ad . . . 31%
Open House . . . 29%
Listing on the Internet . . . 22%

Most Difficult Tasks for FSBO Sellers:

Getting the right price . . . 11%
Understanding paperwork . . . 16%
Preparing/fixing up home for sale . . . 18%
Attracting potential buyers . . . 9%
Having enough time to devote to all aspects of the sale . . . 9%

FSBOs are everywhere. But do FSBO Homes really sell?

FSBO sell their homes in order to save money.


FSBO Real Estate will NOT save money! You are going to sell your house for what your house is worth, what a buyer will pay, regardless of whether you’re working with a real estate agent or not.

You will get very frustrated with the process. Every Buyer will be lowering their offers by 5% or more (the agent’s commission)!

The truth is that YOU NEED PROFESSIONAL REAL ESTATE SERVICES! Don’t make the same mistake many do. Call GHOSH for an interview!

If you still want to sell your property yourself, I will help you.
If you would like to add interior photographs, Virtual Tours or other special features and effects (which we Highly Recommend!) to your listing, please let me know as soon aspossible. Include as much information as you can in the section below so that we provide acomplete web listing for our viewers and your potential Buyers!