My Commission

Everyone knows that we make commissions on each home sold. What you may not realize is where the money goes.
In successful marketing of your home, much of the commission is spent before your home is even sold.

Marketing your home – What Ghosh will do to sell your home?

1. Preparing your home
2. Free professional Staging (average $2500 for a 1500sq. ft. home)
3. Moving Company to Bring furniture back and forth ($400)
4. Marketing
 – Professional photographs
 – Virtual Tours
 – Narrated Video tour
 – Floor Plan of the property
 – Printed Colour Feature sheets
 – Printed Colour  Information Booklet
 – Printed Colour Take one Pamphlet
 – Personal Home web-site
 – Lit up For sale sign
 – Just listed/Open House cards
 – Posting your home on various web-sites
 – Print ads- Newspaper/Magazines
 – Open House
Your home looks great and will sell faster and for more!


Discounted Brokerages will do these things before they list your home:

1. Take digital camera photos (cost $0)
2. Put the property on MLS ((cost $0)
3. Put a for sale sign (cost $0)
4. Do Open house (cost $0)
In the end you might say that your home will sell no matter what, but the big question is:
‘Could it be sold for more?’

Here are few ‘Commission Plans’ to choose from

For Sale Sign For Sale Sign For Sale Sign
Lockbox Lockbox Lockbox
Take One (info on property) Take One (info on property) Take One (info on property)
Professional Photographs Professional Photographs Professional Photographs
Free Staging Consultation Free Staging Consultation Free Staging Consultation
Open House Open House Open House
Virtual Tour Virtual Tour
Posted on 5 different websites Posted on 5 different websites
‘Just Listed/Open House’ Cards ‘Just Listed/Open House’ Cards
Professional Feature Sheets Professional Feature Sheets
Network with other Realtors Network with other Realtors
Floor Plans
Narrated Video Tour
Informational Booklet
Agents Open House
Personal Home Adress Website
Print Ad
Should You Choose an Agent Based on Commission?

Real estate agents are not equal; each is unique. Remember about 10% of the agents do 90% of the business. Each has their own marketing techniques and advertising budget. By choosing an agent with a large advertising budget and company dollars to match it, you will gain greater exposure to the largest number of buyers, which is very crucial. Reaching greater numbers of buyers equals better chances of a good offer.

Why would an agent willingly work for less than competitors?

There is always a reason why a broker or real estate agent would discount a real estate fee. Sometimes it’s the only way the agent feels it’s possible to compete in a highly competitive business, because the agent can’t stand apart from the competition on service, knowledge or negotiation skills.

If the sole benefit an agent brings to a table is a cheap fee, ask yourself why. Is the agent desperate for business or unqualified? Do you want to work with a desperate agent?

 In the end Real estate Commissions are NEGOTIABLE