Benefits of Working With Ghosh

Real Estate is a very time consuming industry and many agents can’t find time for their clients. I’m a full time agent and have my personal secretary to accommodate your needs.

When selling your Home I will Stage your home for Free,if you are selling by yourself call me I will provide you with Free Home Staging Consultation.

Guaranteed advertising nonstop on the web; and also I will advertise your property on the local Newspaper even before you agree to work with me.

When buying a home you need a realtor that is going to show you enough homes that will help you educate yourself about the market, and not pressure you to buy the fifth home you see. When I hear these words: ‘Ghosh, this is it!’ then I’m sure it’s time to make the offer!

BUYER REPRESENTATION AGREEMENT- Most realtors today will not show you homes until and unless you sign” Buyer Agency Agreement” and this is where the difference comes when you work with me. I strongly believe that buying a home is one of the major decisions you will make in your life, therefore every Home Seller should know his Realtor a little bit better before he will make this commitment.

*Keep in mind the there are advantages on signing this agreement:It gives you a real opportunity to be represented by your own agent during both the searching for properties and the negotiation of offers. It also gives you much greater legal recourse in the event ofa dispute or problem arising before, during or after the closing of a sale.