Useful Information

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If you are in the market looking to buy your first home you are at the right place. This is your first major decision and probably you have lots of questions but not ready to call any real estate agent yet.
This site was designed with you in mind; here you will find quite a bit of information and answers for most of your questions. Click on Buyers HandBook or on the link above to read about simplified step by step home buying process.

I specialize in working with Buyers and helped many to make homeownership a reality.
The best way to find your dream home is to first study the market. In my opinion the best way to do that is to go ‘out there’ and see it for yourself.  Once you start looking at homes in your price range you will get a feel of what the neighbourhood’s like, the locations, floor plans, schools, upgrades, etc…? My clients always appreciate my honesty… I always try to point out ‘the positive’ and ‘negative’ in every home.

I make sure that my Buyer is fully satisfied with his purchase so when he will be ready to sell, he will call ME!