Thanks for helping to make our first home a reality! We appreciate your patient, advices and most of all, your friendship.
I would have no hesitation recommending you for any real estate project.
Hi Everyone I would like to share my experience with you about Ghosh.
My wife and I were living in the rental basement apartment when she was pregnant, where we didn’t want to welcome our baby. We decided to buy a house instead of renting the basement apartment.I went to a few real estate agencies and figured out we couldn’t buy a house because we didn’t have enough incomes. We had enough income to pay a mortgage but we couldn’t proove it. We decided move to rental apartment which is not basement. At least we didn’t have a better choice in that time. I met Ghosh.He made an appointment with me for a little presentation for the how mortgage and real estate system works. I was still thinking it doesn’t work because I don’t have proofed income. I told Ghosh I don’t think I can get it mortgage but you can try it what am I gonna loose it? I gave him my personnel information for the credit check. He called me few days later my credit score was perfect. Then We started to look for a house for my family. Ghosh always made a schedule for me. I was feelingso bad what if can’t get mortgage and Ghosh spent so much time for nothing. I offer him buy gas for his car because we went to so many different places. Some of them I like it but my wife didn’t like it some of them we both didn’t like it. Ghosh was calling me every day and updating new information about houses and sending me an e-mails. Finally we found house which my wife and I like for both price and size. My mortgage proof so fast and we deal with the house owner everything was perfect. Ghosh was keep trying to give us good mood and telling us good things. He helped us for mortgage lawyer and also he followed process with lawyer too.
Finally closing date came everything was fine and my wife and I still couldn’t believe everything was so smooth and perfect. The baby was on the way and we were so excited for a new life. Ghosh even help us for moving. He knew my wife was pregnant and we don’t have anyone available to help.
After we moved in to our house Ghosh visit us and gave us gift. I still feel we owe him.
He is still sending us greeting cards sometimes calling us and also he is following some special day such a birth f\day, religious etc. He made us feeling very important for him.
Thanks Ghosh for everything you for us.
Emre and his Family