Home Staging Checklist

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  • Less is more – remove enough so that there is some empty space in closets, on shelves, and in cabinets.
  • Remove or hide all small kitchen appliances.
  • Remove all refrigerator art, family pictures, school schedules, magnets, calendars, etc.
  • Pack up all personal photos.
  • Remove personal necessity items from bathroom and enclosed showers… shampoo, toothpaste, hairbrushes, dirty towels, etc.
  • Remove and store seasonal clothes from closets.
  • Rent a storage space. Remove all visible storage boxes from closets and garage.
  • Remove unneeded furniture to make rooms look larger.
  • Remove dated or worn furnishings and accessories. Display only updated new looking items.
  • Remember the rule, “One will do”. When accessorizing surfaces, remember that for staging purposes one item is better than two or more. One vase or clock on a fireplace mantle shows off your home better that two or three items.
  • Use mirrors generously. A mirror at the end of a long hallway makes the home look larger and relieves any cramped feeling. A mirror opposite the bathroom vanity pushes walls back and makes small bathrooms larger.
  • Paint the interior of the house and the front door.
  • Repair, paint, or wash all exterior walls, doors, and trim
  • Power-wash exterior concrete and other hardscape to unify surface color. It will make these areas look bigger.
  • Replace worn, stained carpeting and cracked floor tiles. Be sure that any remaining carpet, drapery or upholstery holds absolutely no odors.
  • Wash the windows, inside and out. Remove unnecessary screening.
  • Arrange a minimum number of towels in bathroom racks and put out fresh soap.
  • Inside, use fresh flowers in vases. Decorate outside with planters and potted plants.
  • Remove some furniture to open up the rooms. A good rule of thumb, consider eliminating half of all furniture and accessories.
  • Decorate the patio or deck with flowerpots and enough furniture to show that it is usable living space.
  • Furnish covered porches with small outdoor tables and chairs to turn them into obvious living spaces.
  • Landscape. Keep perspective in mind. From the house, looking out, plants and vertical elements should diminish in size as they retreat from the house. This elongates sightlines and visually moves property boundaries further from the house.
  • Air the home by opening windows and doors
  • No drips! Repair all plumbing, faucets, running toilets
  • Clean or repair/replace worn caulking around tubs, sinks, counter tops.
  • Deep-clean entire house, oven, fireplace, garage, etc.
  • Enhance fireplace firebox with candles or decorative logs.

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